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Ring Video Doorbell – Newest generation Security cameras

Without peeking through the door, you can see what’s happening at your front step with Ring Video Doorbell. Whether you are not at home or irritated by pushy salespeople or porch pirates, a home security system like Ring’s adds more protection to your home.

Honestly, Ring’s doorbell cameras aren’t the best buy security cameras on the model. There are way better options like google nest camera with better privacy and security, yet their smart features make them a worthy package deal to consider. And of course, nothing can beat the brand’s market popularity for tech savvies, like Ring smart lights.

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Let’s get into details to learn more about this component gadget, helping you find the best Ring Video doorbell for you.

  • Ring Video Doorbell Wired: Lowest price tag
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2: A 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3: Available in hardwired or battery-powered versions
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4: Color pre-roll captures more video

What to look for in best buy security cameras?

You can protect your home by using home security system. You sometime feel confused to choose best home security system. To identify the best video doorbells, we consider a couple of features including, a sufficient amount of cloud storage, smart connection, clear video footage, motion detection, infrared vision for nighttime, and more. A great video doorbell lets you see, speak, hear the visitors standing at your front step.

We recommend a security camera with a two-month storage capacity, taking away your worries to clear storage too often. Moreover, connecting your smart doorbell with your phone can get you an instant notification about any movement on your front porch, keeping a watch on every move.

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Remember, the best company is the one who always give guarantee for the customer, like Ring. 

How Ring video doorbells work

The different models of Ring Video Doorbell let you choose between battery-powered and wired versions, giving you the freedom to install as per your convenience. Whether it’s for home or office, the Ring Company has a various models of security cameras to choose from, you can check the features for each to find the best one for yourself.

Are you looking for a slimmer, smaller, and more affordable home security camera? In that case, Ring Video Doorbell Wired will fit in perfectly. However, if you want something that runs over a battery, then Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus will do the job that takes your security to the next level.

All Ring Video Doorbells share some basic features.

No matter which home security camera you choose, they will all support some basic features, including motion detection, two-way talk, night vision, and HD video recording. Moreover, all Ring Video Doorbells work with Ring’s Protect plans, providing access to human detection capabilities and two months of cloud storage. However, you can subscribe to the Protect for smarter alerts instead of getting a notification each time a motion is detected in your Ring Video Doorbell range.

1. Cloud Storage

To save your CCTV camera’s video to the cloud, you can subscribe to the Ring’s Protect Plan. We are disappointed to tell you that none of the Ring’s doorbell cameras offer local storage. For accessing Ring’s cloud storage, you can pay to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan with a monthly fee.

Without the paid subscription, you can only have access to the camera’s real-time notifications and live feed. Ring’s home security system lets you answer at the door using your phone yet won’t record anything. Therefore, you can’t access the footage in the future to see what was missed.

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2. Video, motion and replay

All Ring’s security system works on 1080p HD video, which is sharp and clear enough to recognize name tags and faces of people standing in front of your door. The CCTV camera records HDR (high dynamic range) video that counters direct sunlight impact on your door. Plus, almost every Ring’s night vision camera integrates a clear and bright view.

With Ring Video Doorbells, you can customize the motion sensitivity areas. Customization specifies monitoring and notifications when something happens in the defined zone, avoiding unnecessary alerts if your doorbell is facing the street.

The best about any Ring’s outdoor security camera is that you can talk with a visitor at your door. Welcome your kids when they come back home from school or guide the postal worker to leave the parcel at the front door instead of the porch.

3. Sustainability

Usually, the Ring Video Doorbells are repairable as you can find their spare parts easily for replacement at a reasonable cost. In most cases, the parts are even interchangeable with older models. Moreover, the company supports its devices for the next four years with new software dates.

4. Works with Alexa

You can connect your security camera with Alexa-enabled devices or Google devices to get hands-free convenience. On each movement detected in your selected area range, the connected devices like Fire TV, Echo device notifies you instantly. You can even set Alexa to answer your front door so that you can hear, speak, and see who is standing outside your house.

5. Complete control from the Ring app

The Ring App sets a connection with all your Ring devices to keep you updated on what’s happening around your house. You can customize your motion settings or use the live view from anywhere using the Ring App.


  • Night Vision & Customizable Motion Zones
  • Amazon Alexa And IFTTT Integration
  • 1080p HD Video& Two-Way Talk
  • Advanced Motion Detection – Person Detection
  • Cloud Storage (With Subscription Plan)
  • Watch Live Feed & Instant Notification
  • Price Now on Amazon $89.99


  • No Local Storage, You Won’t Get Video Storage for Later Reviewing
  • No Constant Video Recording

Bonus Tip – What’s the Best Place to Locate a Security Camera?

To get the most effective surveillance of your home, the placement of your security cameras is of paramount importance:

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  • All entry points should be monitored by high resolution security cameras
  • Inside your house, wide angle color security cameras should be placed in all high traffic areas and rooms in which valuables are located.
  • Proper placement of security cameras allows you to maintain a record of many activities in your home. You will be able to identify a person by the color of the clothes he or she is wearing. You can have a close-up shot of a perpetrators face and possessing a video recording of his/her activities is extremely valuable as evidence in court.

With this understanding, you can enjoy precise monitoring even while you’re not at home.

In a nutshell

Ring Video Doorbells are one of the best buy security cameras that feature instant notification, crisper night vision, and improved motion detection. Either you connect it with your existing doorbell wires or get one that supports built-in rechargeable batteries. Advance features like live view, two-way talk, easy installation, Alexa device pairing, and many more make the best indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Get your Ring Video Doorbell now to know the next move around your house!

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Swann Security CCTV Kit Camera Reviews

Swann Security CCTV Kit, Best Security System for Indoor And Outdoor Uses

  • View full highlights in 1080p HD display: This 4 enhanced 4-camera, 8-channel dvr-4580 cable surveillance system lets you view faces, license plates and more in 1080P Full HD. The construction of weatherproof cameras gives you 24/7 protection from rain, snow, and heat all year round. Each PRO-1080MSB camera has a 90 degree viewing angle and night vision up to 100ft / 30m (130ft / 40m in ambient light), so no blind spot can be seen. Add 4 more cameras for 8 channel channels.
  • TIRED OF PAYING FOR ADDITIONAL STORAGE? Enjoy video storage at no further cost: This cctv cable security system delivers reliable home, office and retail protection 24/7. Have peace of mind knowing that if something happens you will always have video evidence. Save video months on a large 1TB hard drive at no additional cost and upload videos to the cloud by connecting your DVR to your Dropbox account.
  • REALLY AVAILABLE HOT AND MOVING FEATURES: This professional quality DVR protection system detects warm moving objects, such as people and vehicles, that trigger recording and app notifications so you can take immediate action to prevent unwanted activity. With reliable alerts and a few false triggers, you will save time and pressure. With Swann Smart Search technology, you can select a specific area of ​​the image to search for movement within the recording.
  • DEFENSE: “Alexa, show me the front door Compatible with Alexa powered by smart devices like your Echo Show, Echo Spot, and 4K Fire TV. Also compatible with Google and Chromecast Assistant. Stream live from multiple cameras and multiple sites, play video, get app notifications and much more on your mobile device with the latest Swann Security app.
  • • PREVENT UNKNOWN PEOPLE FROM ENTRING. Best security cameras can activate bright red and blue lights, lights, cell alerts and recording.
  • • SEE MORE IN FULL HD 1080p. Crystal clear 1080p video lets you see the important details you need to get proof and know what’s going on
  • • PROTECTION 24/7. Powerful night vision up to 32ft / 10m in total darkness and see color at night up to 32ft / 10m with the lights on
  • • GET HOT AND MOVE. Cameras detect people and vehicles for reliable monitoring and a few false alarms
  • • SET & FORGET. Enjoy free local recording for up to 6+ months on 1TB hard drive at no cost
  • • LITTLE ART COMMUNICATION. Protect your loved ones and property with this versatile camera, wireless security system

Speak And See

Enjoy hands-free protection using voice commands. Stream video from your camera with Google Assistant and Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or with Alexa screen devices, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.

best security cameras

True Detect Heat & Motion Detection

Warm things, like people and cars, trigger the recording and notification of the app. It can also be set for recording 24/7.

Monitor Outside

Install best 4k NVR security camera system outside. Climate protection design, IP66 rating. Designed to withstand rain, shine, snow and dust.

Protection 24/7

See in the dark up to 100ft (30m) or up to 130ft (40m) in ambient light with a powerful infrared night vision that starts automatically as dusk falls.

Save Evidence Off-Site

Set up a system to upload videos and photos from your Dropbox account to the cloud. So even if your security system is stolen, you will still have video evidence off-site.

Free Storage With Massive HDD

A large 1TB HDD can save months for recording before it can start saving old photos. Easily transfer videos to a USB stick or download over the network at no further cost.

best security cameras

Smart Search Finds Movement in Specific Locations

Select a specific location for the image to search for movements within the recording. For example, highlight the location of a stolen object and Smart Search will find movement in that area.

Expand the Cover Area

Add up to 4 additional 16-point cameras to cover any blind spots in your area, including 3MP bright cameras at 1.4x rather than 1080p / 2MP. See the Related Products section below.

Add Sensor Light Cameras

Add Sensor Light Cameras for advanced protection. Alert lights turn on when a job is detected, making the image more colorful for enhanced evidence. See the Related Products section below.

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TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera Reviews

TP-Link Tapo Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera, Indoor CCTV Camera, Best Security System for Home and Office, Wireless Security Camera System, 360° Rotating Indoor and Outdoor camera.

  • best 4k NVR security camera system – 360° input with 1080p HD Resolution provides high quality video right in the palm of your hand and night vision up to 30ft. With the night vision camera technology, capture the photos from day to night.
  • Best indoor security cameras – Swipe up, down, left and right on your phone to rotate and set your camera view in real time. Get your own home security system to to keep track of unwanted intruders.
  • Best outdoor wireless security camera system – TP-Link Security Camera automatically tracks movement when it detects movement. Features in the IR-CUT function of capturing cool videos and photos. Turn on privacy mode to protect your privacy with best CCTV and security cameras.
  • Smart AI Discovery and Instant Notifications – Get instant alerts on your phone when you hear a strange, moving or strange sound in your home. Automatically record a warning video of 10-15 seconds in the cloud and it will be saved for 24 hours (no subscriptions or monthly payments required).
best security cameras
  • Smart Integration – Use your simple voice command to watch live TP-Link streaming on Alexa or Google Assistant device on screen or on your iPhone or iPad. Best Google nest camera on the market. It works with IFTTT allowing you to connect almost any set of smart devices to work together, making your home more comfortable. Advanced TP-Link Application – wireless CCTV camera, Live viewing of 4 dog cameras simultaneously on the App or official web site. Share your camera with unlimited family members. Two-way audio allows you to receive and transfer sound from anywhere at any time. Works only on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks. It can also be used as wireless outdoor security camera.
  • Optional Cloud and Local Storage – 24/7 CVR enables home security camera to store non-stop recording in the cloud, avoiding the risk of losing videos from the SD card. For time, events type or camera name to search for a specific event quickly. Supports up to 128GB on SD card (buy separately).
best cctv cameras

It detects movement and sends you instant alerts

Get a notification whenever your camera detects movement and see a video clip of this movement to check everything. Also, you can personalize your experience by setting up moving scenes to capture only what is happening in the area of ​​your choice.

Enhanced night viewing helps to monitor you while you sleep

Do not wake up your loved ones when you open the doors to check on them. Watch from your phone with 30 ft night vision. You will have peace of mind, and they will sleep well at night

Privacy Mode and Local Storage Ensures Privacy

The microSD card stores up to 128 GB, which is equivalent to 384 hours (16 days) of photos. This allows you to not only reduce your personal cost to cloud storage, but also feel secure that your video is stored at high speed on a local card accessible only to the device administrator.

best security cameras

High definition video

1080p definition video provides extra clarity and sharpness in images due to the high number of pixels. This helps with remote detection and recognition. Get a clear and concise view of your house at all times.

Live view and two-way audio

With the TP-Link Tapo camera, you can see what is really happening in your home, no longer having to worry. Also, you can communicate with loved ones through a built-in microphone and speaker.

Get a detailed view of your room

Wide range for regular shooting.

Share every moment you will never forget

Save moments you will never forget and share them on social media. Tapo camera is always available to help you record memorable moments.

Tapping leads to what is most important to you

The free Tapo Camera app puts everything you need in your hands.

Check the video box to play past records

Choose a camera and get what you want by date.

Set a schedule to check the video from time to time

The camera automatically records videos based on your system.

best cctv cameras

Set the camera to a fixed angle base for your needs

Select an angle and click the save button, then you are ready.

Check out what’s happening on multiple Tapo cameras with one app.

Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor – Night Vision

Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor

Has the guest arrived? Are your kids back home? home security cameras help you monitor everything happening outside, keeping your property and home safe. Are you looking for a wireless outdoor security camera that updates you about every single move? Certainly, then there is no better option than Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor.

Though the Google Nest security camera is one of the most expensive home security cameras, yet offers 24/7 1080p HDR video and smart alerts to know about things that matter the most to you. Google Nest can differentiate between vehicles, an animal, or a person moving past your door. Thus, sends you different alert for different activities going nearby.

Features of Google Nest Security Camera

Here are some of the best features of the Google Nest Cam, along with its pros and cons.

1. Smart alerts – The one you seek

With intelligent alerts, the security camera keeps you updated about the things that matter to you. You can customize your alerts for animals, vehicles, or people passing by your door to know things you care about. With the Nest App, you can mark your activity zones to cover areas you want to ring notifications. The alerts keep you knowing what’s going around your place even when you are away!

2. 24/7 live video – Captures everything

Whether day or night, check up on things you care about and see a fuller picture in a 1080p HD video that captures every detail. The 130-degree wide view covers most things going around your home and property to keep it safe from intruders or unusual activities. Crisp details never let you miss things!

This wireless CCTV camera allows you to go back in time. You can video history for the past 3-hours to know who was there while you were away. You can even upgrade to get a longer video history backup.

3. 2-way audio, keep in live touch

With Nest Camera’s two-way audio, you can see who is knocking at your door. Speak through the Nest app with the person pointing at your camera. To understand better, you can visit the Nest website to see a real demonstration of people conveying over two-way audio. This smart integrated feature in the security camera prevents break-ins in your house, letting you deal with people from outside only.

4. Infrared Night Vision – Know about things, even in the dark

Like the other Nest camera versions, Google Nest outdoor security has infrared night vision and eight LED sensors. The bright white views to be stealthier, letting you know and no one else. Plus, the infrared sensors are subtle enough to detect presence around.

5. Integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa 

cctv camera

Google Nest outdoor security camera supports vocal commands in all environments, setting up for you some home automation. Being a Google product, it integrates Google Assistant and Chromecast but to surprise, it also Amazon Alexa and Fire TV.

Along with commanding camera function in your voice and live to stream your video on the screen, you can connect your camera with other digital devices in your home for a modern and automated home style.

6. Convenience – Install it yourself

Install the camera wherever you like with a unique magnetic mount. Start by plugging your security camera, then scan for the QR code in Nest App to develop a camera connection with your Wi-Fi. For installing, the Nest Camera supports a magnetic mount that attaches to any magnetic place.

You can even try the other option of screwing it to the wall. Make sure to place it in 25 feet of an outlet to avail the best out of it, with the camera having a 10-foot long cord with an extra 15-foot long extension cord.

EZVIZ Security Camera with 210-Day Battery Life

EZVIZ eLife Wireless Security Camera Review

Security Cameras have now become an essential gadget to ensure the security measures of a place. It needs to be installed in every house, office, shopping mall, parking lots Infact at every other place because of increasing robbery and spying cases in the region. If you are looking for a Battery-Operated yet wireless CCTV Camera for the protection of your asset or territory, then this EZVIZ home CCTV camera is perfect for you.

It is highly convenient to look upon even the minute details of the required place because of its amazingly clear video quality and sharp pixels, making it a perfect night vision camera. It also notifies you about any movement in your specially dedicated or selected areas, which you are extra conscious and don’t want to miss on anything happening in that area.

cctv camera

These super-competent and smartly designed BC1C night vision security camera comes with a mounting plate that makes it super easy to install and a power adapter that ensures quick charging of the gadget that could last for approx. 200 days or more.

Moreover, it can also be powered via solar panel with a 24/7 live streaming, two-way audio, motion detection, color night vision and Alexa compatibility, making it a best buy security camera.

Features of EZVIZ Wireless Security Camera

Here are some of the best features of the EZVIZ camera, along with its pros and cons. 

  1. Smart motion detection

EZVIZ wireless security camera has an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor that is highly efficient in detecting infrared light radiating from different objects in its sphere of view, when a warm body like a human or animal passes, it detects its presence even in pitch black darkness and notifies the user about it, making it best among other wireless outdoor security cameras.

Moreover, a person-shape algorithm is also incorporated in the device which distinguish between people and other moving objects making this camera much more efficient and flawless that also minimizes unwanted notification of all the moving objects.

  1. Free Built-in Storage

Elife Wireless security camera has 32GB Embedded Multimedia Card (Emmc) storage that is vast enough to store many of your precious memories in the form of images and videos without the need of buying expensive external memory cards. Another remarkable feature is that it has a free 7 months trial of EZVIZ Cloud storage memory which you can further extend by buying a monthly subscription plan.

cctv camera
  1. 2-way Power Options

This super advantageous wireless outdoor security camera is 100% battery powered with highly powerful batteries integrated in the gadget and has an integrated solar panel to accommodate an efficient and continuous source of power supply from sunlight.

The second power option is by charging the batteries that are so powerful to provide functioning for more than 200 days once it is fully charged.

  1. Siren alarm and Strobe Light

EZVIZ Elife security camera has a loud siren alarm and a sharp strobe spotlight to detect any specific motion in the form of person. Once anyone is detected, it rings the siren and flash two spotlights on the detected object to ensure that they have been detected. This feature has limited the need of security guards because its sharp strobe light flash will automatically make the robbers frighten and stop them to proceed further in someone else’s territory.

  1. 2-way talk and Customizable Voice Alerts

This EZVIZ security camera has a thoughtful feature of 2-way audio that ensures the transport of messages quickly to the loved ones or to watch out and stops the unwanted person from doing something evil. It comes with a powerful mic with noise cancellation feature and speaker with a loud and clear audio. Moreover, user can also put some special voice alerts of their own choice that are easily customizable specially to give warm greetings to the guests through the cameras as soon as they enter the house.

  1. IP66 Waterproof

EZVIZ elife wireless 4k nvr security camera features an IP66 waterproof enclosure that ensure the protection of its body and circuitry in even worst of the weather conditions. It offers extraordinary level of protection against dust, rain and storms.

  1. Alexa and Hey Google Compatibility 

This amazing camera comes with an Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility feature, so you just have to give the required instructions through EZVIZ application, and it will be implicated by Alexa or Hey Google. After connecting your camera to the Alexa, you can ask Alexa to show the required place like “show backyard” or “show parking” by using customizable names of the location. After that, you will be able to watch the live footage. 

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the EZVIZ Elife security camera are as follows:


  • Very easy to setup, plug and play.
  • HD video and fine audio quality.
  • Totally wireless and powerful incorporated batteries.
  • Solar panel accommodation
  • Excellent overall performance and Customer support.
  • 32 GD Card Storage & Free Cloud Storage for 7 months
  • Works with Alexa W9 and Google Assistant
  • Price $49.99


  • After the end of Cloud storage free trial mostly the data is lost and cannot be recovered.
  • Infuriating and unnecessary beeping sound on detection of any moving object.
  • Not compatible with Windows phone.


The Ezviz elife wireless security camera hence provide all sorts of convenience to its users in terms of free storage, high quality pixels, easy installation and many more which makes it undoubtedly the best buy among vast options of indoor and outdoor security cameras.

So go buy this amazing invention to drastically ease your living.

best cctv cameras
cctv camera