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Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera

Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24, 2K Pan & Tilt Security Indoor Camera


Your privacy and security matters, and knowing this we have brought you the best floodlight security cameras that serve the purpose efficiently. Through these wireless camera systems you can maintain your privacy and security. Unlike expensive and low resolution wireless CCTV cameras available in market Eufy security cameras provide a better resolution and come in lower price. It provides 360 degree surveillance.

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A quick review

The best affordable security cameras can offer genuine feelings of serenity that your property is free from any and all harm when you’re not there, however they are an expensive speculation, particularly when you factor in the month to month cost to have the option to audit film caught by the camera sometime in the not too distant future.

Notwithstanding, Eufy, which is the brilliant home brand from Anker, desires to make this a relic of times gone by with its new scope of weatherproof home surveillance cameras that accompany nearby capacity worked in, wiping out the requirement for a center.

The SoloCam is a battery-controlled weatherproof home security camera that can distinguish movement and record film of the action in either Full HD or 2K, contingent on the model. It interfaces straightforwardly to a home Wi-Fi arrangement and can stockpile to 8GB of film in it’s inherent stockpiling. Eufy says this is around two months of video dependent on 30 identifications every day, with each going on for 10 seconds. Another best affordable security camera is the solocam. The SoloCam likewise has Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarts to diminish the quantity of undesirable warnings, and a battery that Eufy cases will endure as long as four months between charges. By setting the pan lens 360° horizontally you can get a complete view without the risk of blindspots. For each camera, you can control a wide array of settings, including turning on automatic night vision, adjusting the video quality, setting human and pet detection zones and facial detection—all of which help to better hone the alerts you receive. You can even record a message for your pet that will play for them each time they enter one of the activity zones you set. Our SecurityNerd’s puppy was a bit puzzled by this, but seems to like it.


In light of everything, the arrangement isn’t horrible and is a great deal smoother than most other brilliant home gadgets. The key is to charge every camera before you do anything, and afterward continue to connect the HomeBase to your switch and download the Eufy Security application. One time setup covering every blindspot is sufficient.

When you download the application, make a record on the off chance that you don’t have one as of now and contact the ‘add new gadget’ choice. The HomeBase will convey a high-pitch tone that, when heard by the Eufycam, sets the two together. This entire cycle takes five to 10 minutes and shouldn’t be excessively troublesome.

Inside the application, you’ll have the option to see every one of the cameras you have matched just as monitor the cameras, take screen captures of the recordings or record short recordings.

Whenever they’re matched, it’s an ideal opportunity to head outside and mount the cameras. We mounted our own onto the top of our home – which took a touch of finagling – however hypothetically it could mount to most surfaces in case you’re helpful enough with a force drill.

Unmounting the cameras when it’s an ideal opportunity to re-energize is pretty much as straightforward as unscrewing the top plate and bringing the camera back inside.


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The SoloCam L20 and L40 expand on this with an underlying 600-lumen movement enacted spotlight for shading night vision (and to hinder interlopers) and a 90db alarm, the two of which can be physically actuated from the application, will continue in mid to late July valued at $149.99/£149.99 (AU$195) and $169.99/£169 (AU$220).

There’s likewise a form with an underlying sunlight based charger that consistently controls the battery. Known as the SoloCam S40, this will be delivered in August and is estimated at $199.99/£199.99 (AU$260).

Simultaneously, Eufy has likewise dispatched Floodlight Cam 2 Pro – a 360-degree dish and slant open air camera that accompanies three LED floodlights that offer 3,000 lumens of light altogether. The LEDs can be set to turn on at dusk and off first thing in the morning consequently, or set off just when movement is identified, and the shading temperature can even be changed to address regular light at different times.


There’s no denying the home surveillance camera market is a packed one, and with such a lot of decisions, it may very well be difficult to tell which best candles security cameras are superior to other people. One reason we rate Eufy home surveillance cameras is the nearby stockpiling. Maybe rather than utilizing a safe region online to store the camera’s recording, a large number of its present cameras – including the EufyCam 2, which took the best position in our best home surveillance cameras list – incorporate a base station that proposes up to 16GB of neighborhood stockpiling for nothing.

Notwithstanding, discovering space for a base station can represent an issue for certain homes, particularly as it should be associated straightforwardly to your switch with an ethernet link. We think incorporating neighborhood stockpiling into the actual camera is something all brilliant home surveillance camera brands ought to consider, if not to decrease the on-going expenses related with know it all home surveillance cameras

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Final words

Among so many wireless outdoor security cameras systems in the market the Eufy security cameras stand out because of their amazing features. Their forever power, 2k resolution, and efficient motion detection capability makes them best suited for keeping privacy and security intact. It checks all the boxes. No need for a base station, massive battery, no need to ever change if you mount it in an area that receives sunlight, 2k resolution, and spotlight with color night vision capabilities.

So, if you are on a low budget but can’t compromise on your security and privacy then eufy security cameras are the best option available for you. Their noise control and monitoring zone features work well despite having very limited features. But you can rely on them without any confusion as they don’t demand a power station and other complex arrangements.


  • Compatible with every season
  • Year long battery life
  • Adjustable color and brightness
  • User friendly
  • Local and cloud storage
  • Price Now only $51.99


  • Slightly expensive
  • Late motion recording
  • Requires Hub
  • Doesn’t support google assistant voice command
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Best affordable security cameras to protect privacy and maintain security. Buy today. The eufy security cameras constitute the best wireless camera system that detects every movement in your home. What happens in your home stays in your home.

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