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EZVIZ Security Camera with 210-Day Battery Life

EZVIZ Security Camera with 210-Day Battery Life

EZVIZ eLife Wireless Security Camera Review

Security Cameras have now become an essential gadget to ensure the security measures of a place. It needs to be installed in every house, office, shopping mall, parking lots Infact at every other place because of increasing robbery and spying cases in the region. If you are looking for a Battery-Operated yet wireless CCTV Camera for the protection of your asset or territory, then this EZVIZ home CCTV camera is perfect for you.

It is highly convenient to look upon even the minute details of the required place because of its amazingly clear video quality and sharp pixels, making it a perfect night vision camera. It also notifies you about any movement in your specially dedicated or selected areas, which you are extra conscious and don’t want to miss on anything happening in that area.

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These super-competent and smartly designed BC1C night vision security camera comes with a mounting plate that makes it super easy to install and a power adapter that ensures quick charging of the gadget that could last for approx. 200 days or more.

Moreover, it can also be powered via solar panel with a 24/7 live streaming, two-way audio, motion detection, color night vision and Alexa compatibility, making it a best buy security camera.

Features of EZVIZ Wireless Security Camera

Here are some of the best features of the EZVIZ camera, along with its pros and cons. 

  1. Smart motion detection

EZVIZ wireless security camera has an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor that is highly efficient in detecting infrared light radiating from different objects in its sphere of view, when a warm body like a human or animal passes, it detects its presence even in pitch black darkness and notifies the user about it, making it best among other wireless outdoor security cameras.

Moreover, a person-shape algorithm is also incorporated in the device which distinguish between people and other moving objects making this camera much more efficient and flawless that also minimizes unwanted notification of all the moving objects.

  1. Free Built-in Storage

Elife Wireless security camera has 32GB Embedded Multimedia Card (Emmc) storage that is vast enough to store many of your precious memories in the form of images and videos without the need of buying expensive external memory cards. Another remarkable feature is that it has a free 7 months trial of EZVIZ Cloud storage memory which you can further extend by buying a monthly subscription plan.

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  1. 2-way Power Options

This super advantageous wireless outdoor security camera is 100% battery powered with highly powerful batteries integrated in the gadget and has an integrated solar panel to accommodate an efficient and continuous source of power supply from sunlight.

The second power option is by charging the batteries that are so powerful to provide functioning for more than 200 days once it is fully charged.

  1. Siren alarm and Strobe Light

EZVIZ Elife security camera has a loud siren alarm and a sharp strobe spotlight to detect any specific motion in the form of person. Once anyone is detected, it rings the siren and flash two spotlights on the detected object to ensure that they have been detected. This feature has limited the need of security guards because its sharp strobe light flash will automatically make the robbers frighten and stop them to proceed further in someone else’s territory.

  1. 2-way talk and Customizable Voice Alerts

This EZVIZ security camera has a thoughtful feature of 2-way audio that ensures the transport of messages quickly to the loved ones or to watch out and stops the unwanted person from doing something evil. It comes with a powerful mic with noise cancellation feature and speaker with a loud and clear audio. Moreover, user can also put some special voice alerts of their own choice that are easily customizable specially to give warm greetings to the guests through the cameras as soon as they enter the house.

  1. IP66 Waterproof

EZVIZ elife wireless 4k nvr security camera features an IP66 waterproof enclosure that ensure the protection of its body and circuitry in even worst of the weather conditions. It offers extraordinary level of protection against dust, rain and storms.

  1. Alexa and Hey Google Compatibility 

This amazing camera comes with an Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility feature, so you just have to give the required instructions through EZVIZ application, and it will be implicated by Alexa or Hey Google. After connecting your camera to the Alexa, you can ask Alexa to show the required place like “show backyard” or “show parking” by using customizable names of the location. After that, you will be able to watch the live footage. 

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the EZVIZ Elife security camera are as follows:


  • Very easy to setup, plug and play.
  • HD video and fine audio quality.
  • Totally wireless and powerful incorporated batteries.
  • Solar panel accommodation
  • Excellent overall performance and Customer support.
  • 32 GD Card Storage & Free Cloud Storage for 7 months
  • Works with Alexa W9 and Google Assistant
  • Price $49.99


  • After the end of Cloud storage free trial mostly the data is lost and cannot be recovered.
  • Infuriating and unnecessary beeping sound on detection of any moving object.
  • Not compatible with Windows phone.


The Ezviz elife wireless security camera hence provide all sorts of convenience to its users in terms of free storage, high quality pixels, easy installation and many more which makes it undoubtedly the best buy among vast options of indoor and outdoor security cameras.

So go buy this amazing invention to drastically ease your living.

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