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Google Nest Security Camera Indoor – Night Vision

Google Nest Security Camera Indoor – Night Vision

Google Nest Security Camera Review

The world has now came far beyond the need of security guards and spy animals that people used to keep for their security, nowadays security cameras have taken their place to improvise the standard of security within a very minimal expenditure and almost no hassle. If you are looking for a smart office or home Security Camera that’s equipped with advance security features then this Google Nest Camera is surely for you.

It provides a tremendously high quality video of 1080P HD even in pitch black darkness at night and notifies the presence of any moving object in its field of view. It can rotate up to 130 degrees which is an enough wide angle to cover a vast area with a 24/7 live streaming and video recording upon cloud storage.

Features of Google Nest Security Camera

Here are some of the best features of the Google Nest Camera, along with its pros and cons. 

  1. Smart Motion detection and video sensors

High quality Motion and sound detecting sensors are being incorporated in this camera to make it extra efficient and enhance its worth. As soon as an object moves in its range of view, an alert push notification is being sent on Nest aware application to quickly acquaint the user about someone’s presence. Similarly, very high quality sound sensors are used to sense even lightest of the sound to have a sharp eye on the surroundings.

Mobile notifications, video streaming and video recording continuously requires a working internet and Wi-Fi connection on your mobile phone.

  1. Night Vision and 1080P Video quality

It provides a remarkably clear night vision feature to keep an eye at the desired place even at night, the picture quality is as clear as day. Night vision camera is helpful in illuminating the whole room. Along with, very sharp pixels that could easily show up a number plate of the car standing approx. 10ft apart in daylight. Resolution of the image and video provided is 1080p HD, day and night which is an amazing feature that could be found in any CCTV security camera.

  1. 130 Degrees Rotating Head

Google Nest Security camera has an amazing feature of its rotating head that could rotate for about 130 degrees which has a very important value in solving security related concerns. This feature very conveniently minimizes the use of more than one cameras at a place, as its moving head covers a vast area of view that is almost impossible for a single camera. With this feature, you’ve the freedom to monitor every inch of space, making it best indoor/outdoor security camera.

  1. 2-way Audio

This flawlessly designed Google Nest Security camera has an extra efficient 2-way audio feature that allows the user to talk and listen via Nest Camera Application and gain someone’s attention on the spot with its effortlessly fine quality mic and speaker that is incorporated in the device. Make a one on one coordination with your kids doing some extraordinary science experiment in their room while sitting in your library and making your own presentation without the need of going and checking on them.

  1. Intelligent alerts

Google nest smart security camera comes with an android/iOS application that needs to be installed in your mobile phone to get alert notifications on your mobile phone as soon as any movement is being detected in the camera. It keeps you aware of all the happenings in the specified area no matter wherever you are with a special beep notification sound on appearance of any person or sound in the camera and could very intelligently distinguish between animals and human.

  1. Activity Zones

It allows the user to specifically highlight the areas about which he is most concern and special alert notification would be received when anything happens there. Moreover, that area have preference over all other notifications.

  1. Nest Aware Cloud Storage

This Google Nest security camera facilitate the user in recording 24/7 continuous video history on cloud storage-not just clips and provides two amazing cloud storage subscription plans that are

  1. Nest aware monthly subscription plan – for 30 days
  2. Nest aware plus subscription plan- for 70 days

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Google Nest security camera are as follows:


  • Very easy to setup, plug and play.
  • HD video and fine audio quality.
  • Camera can easily move from room to room without setting it up from scratch every time.
  • Reliable sound sensors.
  • Excellent overall performance and Customer support.
  • Free Cloud Storage trial available
  • Works with Alexa
  • Price Now $129.99 amazon


  • To retrieve your recordings stored on cloud, you have to pay monthly subscription fee.
  • It needs a power outlet near the camera for charging
  • An active wireless CCTC camera that’s needed every time to have alert notifications.
  • It constantly records 24/7 video which leads to unnecessary memory consumption.
  • Not compatible with Windows phone.


Keeping an eye on your baby lying in his nursery or taking care of your dog frankly barking in the backyard is no more an issue now. This smart CCTV security camera provides all the essential features that are must in a good quality security camera required to ensure a safe and secure living place.

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