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Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor – Night Vision

Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor – Night Vision

Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor

Has the guest arrived? Are your kids back home? home security cameras help you monitor everything happening outside, keeping your property and home safe. Are you looking for a wireless outdoor security camera that updates you about every single move? Certainly, then there is no better option than Google Nest Security Camera Outdoor.

Though the Google Nest security camera is one of the most expensive home security cameras, yet offers 24/7 1080p HDR video and smart alerts to know about things that matter the most to you. Google Nest can differentiate between vehicles, an animal, or a person moving past your door. Thus, sends you different alert for different activities going nearby.

Features of Google Nest Security Camera

Here are some of the best features of the Google Nest Cam, along with its pros and cons.

1. Smart alerts – The one you seek

With intelligent alerts, the security camera keeps you updated about the things that matter to you. You can customize your alerts for animals, vehicles, or people passing by your door to know things you care about. With the Nest App, you can mark your activity zones to cover areas you want to ring notifications. The alerts keep you knowing what’s going around your place even when you are away!

2. 24/7 live video – Captures everything

Whether day or night, check up on things you care about and see a fuller picture in a 1080p HD video that captures every detail. The 130-degree wide view covers most things going around your home and property to keep it safe from intruders or unusual activities. Crisp details never let you miss things!

This wireless CCTV camera allows you to go back in time. You can video history for the past 3-hours to know who was there while you were away. You can even upgrade to get a longer video history backup.

3. 2-way audio, keep in live touch

With Nest Camera’s two-way audio, you can see who is knocking at your door. Speak through the Nest app with the person pointing at your camera. To understand better, you can visit the Nest website to see a real demonstration of people conveying over two-way audio. This smart integrated feature in the security camera prevents break-ins in your house, letting you deal with people from outside only.

4. Infrared Night Vision – Know about things, even in the dark

Like the other Nest camera versions, Google Nest outdoor security has infrared night vision and eight LED sensors. The bright white views to be stealthier, letting you know and no one else. Plus, the infrared sensors are subtle enough to detect presence around.

5. Integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa 

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Google Nest outdoor security camera supports vocal commands in all environments, setting up for you some home automation. Being a Google product, it integrates Google Assistant and Chromecast but to surprise, it also Amazon Alexa and Fire TV.

Along with commanding camera function in your voice and live to stream your video on the screen, you can connect your camera with other digital devices in your home for a modern and automated home style.

6. Convenience – Install it yourself

Install the camera wherever you like with a unique magnetic mount. Start by plugging your security camera, then scan for the QR code in Nest App to develop a camera connection with your Wi-Fi. For installing, the Nest Camera supports a magnetic mount that attaches to any magnetic place.

You can even try the other option of screwing it to the wall. Make sure to place it in 25 feet of an outlet to avail the best out of it, with the camera having a 10-foot long cord with an extra 15-foot long extension cord.


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