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Swann Security CCTV Kit Camera Reviews

Swann Security CCTV Kit Camera Reviews

Swann Security CCTV Kit, Best Security System for Indoor And Outdoor Uses

  • View full highlights in 1080p HD display: This 4 enhanced 4-camera, 8-channel dvr-4580 cable surveillance system lets you view faces, license plates and more in 1080P Full HD. The construction of weatherproof cameras gives you 24/7 protection from rain, snow, and heat all year round. Each PRO-1080MSB camera has a 90 degree viewing angle and night vision up to 100ft / 30m (130ft / 40m in ambient light), so no blind spot can be seen. Add 4 more cameras for 8 channel channels.
  • TIRED OF PAYING FOR ADDITIONAL STORAGE? Enjoy video storage at no further cost: This cctv cable security system delivers reliable home, office and retail protection 24/7. Have peace of mind knowing that if something happens you will always have video evidence. Save video months on a large 1TB hard drive at no additional cost and upload videos to the cloud by connecting your DVR to your Dropbox account.
  • REALLY AVAILABLE HOT AND MOVING FEATURES: This professional quality DVR protection system detects warm moving objects, such as people and vehicles, that trigger recording and app notifications so you can take immediate action to prevent unwanted activity. With reliable alerts and a few false triggers, you will save time and pressure. With Swann Smart Search technology, you can select a specific area of ​​the image to search for movement within the recording.
  • DEFENSE: “Alexa, show me the front door Compatible with Alexa powered by smart devices like your Echo Show, Echo Spot, and 4K Fire TV. Also compatible with Google and Chromecast Assistant. Stream live from multiple cameras and multiple sites, play video, get app notifications and much more on your mobile device with the latest Swann Security app.
  • • PREVENT UNKNOWN PEOPLE FROM ENTRING. Best security cameras can activate bright red and blue lights, lights, cell alerts and recording.
  • • SEE MORE IN FULL HD 1080p. Crystal clear 1080p video lets you see the important details you need to get proof and know what’s going on
  • • PROTECTION 24/7. Powerful night vision up to 32ft / 10m in total darkness and see color at night up to 32ft / 10m with the lights on
  • • GET HOT AND MOVE. Cameras detect people and vehicles for reliable monitoring and a few false alarms
  • • SET & FORGET. Enjoy free local recording for up to 6+ months on 1TB hard drive at no cost
  • • LITTLE ART COMMUNICATION. Protect your loved ones and property with this versatile camera, wireless security system

Speak And See

Enjoy hands-free protection using voice commands. Stream video from your camera with Google Assistant and Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or with Alexa screen devices, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.

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True Detect Heat & Motion Detection

Warm things, like people and cars, trigger the recording and notification of the app. It can also be set for recording 24/7.

Monitor Outside

Install best 4k NVR security camera system outside. Climate protection design, IP66 rating. Designed to withstand rain, shine, snow and dust.

Protection 24/7

See in the dark up to 100ft (30m) or up to 130ft (40m) in ambient light with a powerful infrared night vision that starts automatically as dusk falls.

Save Evidence Off-Site

Set up a system to upload videos and photos from your Dropbox account to the cloud. So even if your security system is stolen, you will still have video evidence off-site.

Free Storage With Massive HDD

A large 1TB HDD can save months for recording before it can start saving old photos. Easily transfer videos to a USB stick or download over the network at no further cost.

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Smart Search Finds Movement in Specific Locations

Select a specific location for the image to search for movements within the recording. For example, highlight the location of a stolen object and Smart Search will find movement in that area.

Expand the Cover Area

Add up to 4 additional 16-point cameras to cover any blind spots in your area, including 3MP bright cameras at 1.4x rather than 1080p / 2MP. See the Related Products section below.

Add Sensor Light Cameras

Add Sensor Light Cameras for advanced protection. Alert lights turn on when a job is detected, making the image more colorful for enhanced evidence. See the Related Products section below.

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